The new anonymous Q & A app, Yolo, has gained popularity among young Snapchat users but has raised concerns of bullying and … Custom your Sticker. Similar to anonymous apps preceding YOLO such as Yik Yak and Saraha, users can say whatever they want without attaching their name. Be creative! 4. Common Sense Media has given this app a one … The app YOLO I find a very easy way for people to get other people down. Yolo was created by Popshow Inc, a French start-up previously responsible for an app that let people post their reactions to funny videos. B… Share it to your Snapchat friends. The BBC has been unable to reach the team involved. 1. The Yolo app is the latest popular teen app to hit the headlines following fears that its anonymity feature could put young people at risk of cyberbullying and online abuse. 3. I personally don’t get any mean comments but I have seen lots of other people have. Tackle Bullying is a national website to counter bullying and cyberbullying for young people, parents and teachers. (Bullying eventually got Sarahah kicked out of Apple and Google's app stores.) In the meantime, implementing internet safety and privacy practices and having open conversations with children about apps like this are key to fostering a healthy online presence. The hit app enables users to receive completely anonymous messages from people who follow them on Snapchat in answer to … Reply to their messages in your Story. YOLO is for positive feedback only. Create and invite friends to chat in a group! Yolo app review : Apps like this can facilitate bullying. The exact reasons kids love YOLO — anonymity, curiosity, honesty — are why the app could (and by some reports already has) turn into the latest breeding ground for bullying. For instance, Sarahah an app that got removed from IOS and Android last year because of enabling bullying. ‎YOLO is the most fun and spontaneous way to get honest and genuine messages from your friends. The anonymous messaging app can be a source of sending hate messages and insensitive replies to users. As YOLO’s popularity skyrockets, it is essential that the app creators build safeguards against bullying. Since it is anonymously sent people can send anything without their cover being blown. Cyber bullying is a very popular way of making people ashamed of themselves. YOLO is a messaging app integrated into Snapchat that is taking the world by storm, in particular secondary school age teenagers who can't resist asking people what they really think. Like previous similar apps (Kik and Sarahah ) the app allows teens to ask for ‘honest feedback’ in the form of anonymous replies to a question. Yolo, a new social media app with an old-fashioned name, has quickly become very popular among teenage Snapchat users. 2.